Grateful But Never Satisfied

When it comes to those things that matter most, our work is never done...

As you sit with your loved ones today keep this in mind.

Thanksgiving is a day in which we gather with friends and family to express the gratitude we have for one another.

And it’s important to be grateful but we should never be satisfied.

Can you be a better friend, spouse or parent? When’s the last time you did something thoughtful for them?

Be grateful for your health but never satisfied

Could you be in better shape? When was your last physical? Are you taking your medications as prescribed?

Be grateful for your business but never satisfied

Can you improve your customer service? Do you show your staff and coworkers you appreciate them? Is there a business process that can be improved?

A state of satisfaction can be very dangerous. It implies your work is done and there’s nothing else to do…

But when it comes to those things that matter most, our work is never done

…we can never take them for granted.

It’s always possible to do better…

our loved ones are counting on it.

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Juan Morales

Juan Morales

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